Understanding the products and services available to any business is integral in making them feel comfortable handing their businesses public image over to a third party.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertisements on search engines appear ahead of organically sourced search results. By jumping ahead of your optimised site many companies are defining their market before your own. Pay-per-click advertising can be a good investment—if you have the right partner guiding you through it. Great Matter does keyword research and works within your budget to bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time. We fine-tune your terms and boost the quality score of your website in order to prevent you from quickly burning through your PPC spend. Yes, PPC will almost always result in more calls, but are they quality calls from leads you’re actually hoping to sign as clients? Are they enough to justify the cost? Based on the performance of your ads, we adjust your campaign to narrow the search parameters and get you the best return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization starts on the base level of any website, whether it is good or bad its implementation permeates all levels of your new site. By starting with a strong foundation and building on an already SEO optimized Drupal based website you can have a concrete foundation on which to build your advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Custom Program Design

By partnering with Great Matter to design and develop your websites we allow anyone to create amazing digital experiences that captivate your audience and define your brand. We bring advanced industry knowledge to any job we undertake. Our technical expertise allows your design to flourish without technological restraint. You name it, and we can do it.

Becoming a reliable partner to your customers. By partnering with Great Matter for your next website product you can experience the merger of design and technology. By creating technologically advanced back end products ready to support any and all internal needs Great Matter shows itself to be a truly advanced developer. Some of our unique products and services have been custom back end for big organizations who need to keep track of projects, people, or operations. These difficulties are made easy with Great Matter back end tools

Backend Tool Design

Custom App Design

New application development can be nerve racking. Understanding the complex requirements of application acceptance, malicious code exclusion, and using the right code for a specific application. By being passionate about new technology but measured in our use of it throughout your application we are able to use the newest technology available to you, with minimal risk to yourself and your consumers.

By providing your clients with the most up to date version of you you can better service your clients as your organization grows and changes. By immediately capturing online visitors eyes with powerful copy you can drive further sales. When pen meets paper Great Matter content writing can be markedly different then other content writing services you've used in the past. Being an all in house product you won't have to worry about slow update or downtime due to international copy writers or different time zones. By considering your audience, the message you plan to deliver, and the people your wholistic website is going to target online we can take your copy to the next level of accuracy.

Content Writing


Reach out to your client with your true personality. Defining your company's culture online is essential in a world defined by branding. By accurately branding yourself to your consumer you can better target possible customers, create better qualified leads, and understand your customers wants and needs before they do.

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