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Website Rebuild

Law firms face big challenges when it comes to websites. Attorney turnover, specialty listings, case history, and site retention are just the start of how firms need a special touch.

Differentiate and Perform.
Hahn & Hahn LLP develops business via referral, and required a web site that exuded their prowess across their specialties, as well as differentiate from other firms. Unlike templated solutions, their custom design and user interface make researching their attorneys easy.

Fully responsive, fully awesome.

The leaders at Hahn & Hahn LLP recognized early-on that a majority of their traffic came from mobile devices, and determined a responsive site was the only way to build a site. Accessibility was also top-of-mind, so the site is fully Section 508 compliant to aid all their potential clients.

Need to look back? We've got you.

We developed a custom backup retention system that not only keeps backups on our servers, but also puts a fully restorable backup in the Hahn & Hahn cloud storage for easy restoration and reference, if necessary.

Hahn & Hahn
Hahn & Hahn

Service, our strong suit.

While the website is built on the immensely powerful Drupal content management system, Hahn & Hahn LLP relies on Great Matter to quickly and accurately make changes to the site. We're here for them.

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