Custom Business Management Tool

Real estate brokers are notoriously busy, and tracking their deals can be difficult, if not impossible. A system to help was critical, and provided managers at multiple offices the ability to see how they were doing...including into the future.

Checking the pipeline.
One of the most important tools a manager has to ensure their brokers are on-track for success is a pipeline of business. But if a broker is using a non-shared tool, like Excel, or worse, nothing at all, it's impossible to gain insight how to help their sales process. The pipeline tool Great Matter developed allows them that very insight. Brokers and their assistants enter their deals at each stage, and easily track them throughout each step, from prospect to closed. Managers can see their performance as individuals, teams, offices, regions, and the entire company.

Motivate your people.

But what's to keep someone from leaving out their deals? The pipeline doesn't just show managers how they're doing, it gives their brokers a consistent look at what their income will be 30, 60, and 90 days into the future, at a glance. It's a win-win.


A system that continuously returns benefits to each of the stakeholders, and retains its value over 10 years after its development.