Weld Tech

Website Takeover

Sometimes, a development firm doesn't have the infrastructure solution available to host and manage a website they've designed. Great Matter has helped tons of clients with this dilemma, and Amada Weld Tech is one of them.

Speed, trust, and service
After taking over the Wordpress site from a developer that outsourced its work overseas, Great Matter focused on bringing code up to par, completing the originally scoped work, and launching the website. We continue to provide support and development services to Amada Weld Tech.

Make sites futureproof.

WordPress sites can be a challenge, often built by multiple developers with differing levels of ability. At Great Matter, we manage all of our developers to ensure both fast project completion, as well as futureproofing the sites on which we work. There's nothing worse than making a change to code than to realize it wasn't done correctly in the first place.

E-Commerce that meets demand.

Every company has a different need, and Amada Weld Tech is no exception. By integrating WooCommerce to their JD Edwards CRM, we enabled them to appropriately track inventory, orders, and have amazing business continuity.


We love taking over websites and making them work right. Check out what we can do for you.

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