No one likes surprises when it comes to pricing (including us), so we've made a little list here to makes sure we're all on the same page.

Marketing and Brand Management Services

Well-constructed marketing campaigns can increase lead flow, multiply revenue, and define a brand to their consumer. At Great Matter, we use marketing differently; we take a holistic approach to everything we do. By handling everything dynamically for each client, we can tailor to your specific needs, create innovative solutions for any product, and add value to your team from day one. We handle everything for creating or redefining your brand, promotions, advertising, to logo design. And can create custom solutions for almost any need case.

Business Marketing Services

At Great Matter, we can help your company define its business objectives and create comprehensive strategies to achieve your marketing and branding goals. By developing a wide variety of businesses' outward facing image, Great Matter has learned what captures clients in broad sectors of the market. We work with you to find optimal solutions to your marketing needs.

Media Strategy and Advertising

By presenting innovative advertising that represents your company in new and engaging ways Great Matter can bring a fresh and rejuvenated perspective on your brand to your client base. By partnering with Great Matter in this process we help you connect with more opportunities to connect with consumers in the right media type for your industry. Great Matter will help you select the right medium for any advertisement and will give you the technological background and analytical tools to advance your businesses media and marketing strategy. We know how to negotiate the best possible rates for your next ad placement, maximizing your return on their investment with Great Matter.


From logo design to brand guidelines and constructive implementation we have it all to generate a compelling outward facing image that defines how your consumer sees you.

Pricing for our packaged marketing services ranges widely on your needs, but starts at $2,000/month

As-Needed Consulting Services

Consulting services help you focus on what you need right away. By using Great Matter’s as-needed consulting services, you are able to get the customer service, experience, and technology to complete any project, small or large.

We create quotes for any work you request, making our invoices predicable and as-expected. We don't like surprises, and we're guessing you don't, either.

Service Level Agreements/Retainers/Service Contracts

We offer agreements that, in exchange for a guarantee of hours, we will provide a higher priority of service.

  • Minimum 30 hours
  • Flexible hours usage: Unlike other companies, we allow you to use your agreement time for anything, including development, fixes, training, and content changes. It's your money, you get to choose how to use it!

Pass-Through Charges

If your site requires a paid plugin, or metered service that we can manage, we charge a 20% service fee EXCEPT where we have a partnership agreement with the vendor (see below).

Partnership Agreements

If we are a partner with an outside company, we charge their advertised fees without a Great Matter fee.

  • Atlas Spire - White glove service, by invitation only
  • Website Domains - Register your domain here for easy management
  • Accessibe - Super simple, drop-in Section 508 compliance
  • WP Engine - WordPress hosting
  • Webflow - Templated websites with some flexibility
  • Google Workspace - For email, file storage, calendar, and more, all powered by Google.
  • Pantheon - For Drupal or WordPress hosting when you don't want to use Great Matter's powerful platform
  • Squarespace - Simple templated websites
  • Wix/EditorX - Templated websites with a bit more flexibility
  • Shopify - Templated e-commerce
  • Adobe Experience Platform - Enterprise websites with the backing of Adobe

Website Development

We are the best choice for website development, whether it's a unique design or a templated one. By partnering with Great Matter, you are getting the ultimate in capable web design, implementation, portal creation, and above all, customer service. Below are some, but not all, of the ways we service our exceptional clients.

Template-Built Websites

We use consumer grade tools like Squarespace, EditorX, Wix, Webflow, and Shopify for turnkey websites. Pricing varies with every project, and Great Matter always looks for ways to bring the price of your project down. Our price for building a templated website ranges from $2,250 on the low-end to $9,000 on the high-end.

How can we do this so inexpensively? Most of our time is spent in adding your content and tweaking the pre-made designs to fit your specifications. By choosing a templated design we are able to skip a lot of the “building” steps of the website. The tradeoff is that we have little in the way of customization. By choosing this route you'll be able to maximize your marketing budget, legitimize your brand, and begin your online presence quickly. As you want to grow, you'll need to use us to design your next site from the ground up on a flexible content management system.

Unique Designs on a Content Management System

Great Matter specializes in custom built, complex, technologically advanced, and strikingly beautiful websites. We build your custom website on Drupal or Wordpress, and your imagination and budget are the only limit on what we can do. Seriously.


A baseline website has the following features, and starts at $15,000:

  • Unique, responsive design, built just for you - includes 1 design direction and 6 minor revisions
  • Newsfeed or Blog
  • Contact form, including SMTP server setup through Mailgun*
  • Drupal 9 or Wordpress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Logins for you and your team to access the CMS, including specially built permissions
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics GA4 setup
  • Basic Page setup**
  • Content Import from another site**
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin/module setup
  • 1 hour of training for your team
  • Site speed tuning*
  • 2 types of related listings (for example, a list of employees, another list of service lines, and the two linked to each other, or a project gallery)
  • WCAG 2.1AA compliance for Section 508/ADA***
  • ...and more, depending on your project


That's just the start. Our specialty is integration, and we can include more functionality as you need it.

  • E-commerce, add $5,500**
  • Accounting system integration, add $4,500**
  • CRM Integration (eg, Salesforce), add $9,000**
  • Simple Web Portal, add $4,500**
  • Additional content listings, add $3,375 each**
  • ...and more--we excel at super niche, custom functionality!

See some of our amazing clients and our amazing work here.

Website Infrastructure Management - starting at $500/month*

Take the headache and worry out of managing your website after launch. High traffic sites will cost more, but here is our base hosting plan for custom CMS sites.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Advanced Hosting Including Cloud Server & Database
  • Redis or Memcached Caching Server for super-speedy loading of cached content
  • Regular infrastructure tuning for optimal performance
  • Load Balancer
  • DNS hosting
  • Daily backups
  • Advanced Content Delivery Network
  • Static Asset Caching
  • Regular Drupal/WordPress updates
  • Drupal/WordPress security updates
  • Web application firewall
  • 24/7 Site Uptime monitoring
  • Premium Fonts from Adobe Typekit**
  • FontAwesome Iconset**
  • Egress Included**
  • SMTP server, including SPF/DKIM/DMARC for SPAM avoidance in site-sent emails
  • High Availability (HA) available (price will multiple by the number of datacenters requested)

* If you use Great Matter for Website Infrastructure Management
** Limits may apply
*** At launch; client updates to content may invalidate compliance