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Website Redesign

A quick phone call about a site redesign became a story about blazing fast turnarounds. As we wrapped up our introductory phone call, we learned that Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese was going to be highlighted by Good Morning America...in 12 hours. The firedrill commenced, and Great Matter successfully moved the existing website into a new infrastructure with more robust web servers, database, firewalls, loadbalancers, and monitoring--just in time for the first airing of the segment.

Following that exciting sprint, and a quick rest, we started on Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese' goals.

Create a more stable, faster website.
Time kills sales, and downtime outright murders them. Our primary task was to develop a website on a solid platform to ensure speedy pageloads, a seamless checkout experience, and prevent downtime that could cost current and future business.

Integrate with accounting.

An awesome e-commerce website is only the beginning of a successful online business. The ability to synchronize customer and order information with an ERP and CRM is what makes that business flourish. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese tasked us with developing part of a complex integration with a legacy accounting/ERP system, MAS90.

Reduce shipping errors with FedEx magic.

Sometimes, integration isn't enough--shipping and handling fees differ from what the partner says, and a complex algorithm is required to generate more accurate shipping information. We developed an easy-to-update grid that helps match products to their actual shipping price. Add to that an easier-to-read shipping manifest for the shipping department, and suddenly errors plummet, leaving less customer service headaches. It's a win-win!

Poin Reyes Cheese
Poin Reyes Cheese


Being able to help an amazing creamery like Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese is what we strive to do every day, and enjoy continuously building businesses along with our clients.

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