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Miller & Company P.C
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Website Redesign

Being THE industry leader of import, export, and foreign-trade zone law gives you the responsibility to quickly and accurately inform both your clients and other industry professionals.

Inform, attractively.
The Miller & Company site had a glut of information, but no appropriate organization or content curation. Great Matter built a new site, imported (get it?) all of the previous site's content, and made it easily accessible to anyone who needed it. We made it a breeze to sign up for Seminars and Webinars, while making management accessible to staff.

Exporting awesome.

The new briefings feed allows easier consumption of information, and the the latest developments keep every visitor up-to-date.

Content Management made easy.

Keeping this much information relevant can be daunting--but Great Matter built a site that is easy to update, maintain, and manage.

Miller & Company P.C
Miller & Company P.C


If you're at the top of your trade, you have to have a site that matches.

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