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Platform Takeover and Rebuild

The Cook Islands is a small group of islands in the same timezone as Hawai'i, but south of the equator. Their governmental tourism corporation is a major operation, marketing and promoting the country's various unique experiences and offerings, and supporting hundreds of small businesses on their islands by generating interest.

The corporation is closely tied to New Zealand, and had developers there, but they needed to work with a firm in a closer time zone, and they appreciate a very hands-on approach. ´╗┐´╗┐Great Matter's location in Los Angeles, as well as our quick response times, made us the perfect choice for development firms. We answered their call and rebuilt an amazing site that serves countries around the world, all while being fast and easy to use.

Fully responsive, fully awesome.

The vast majority of users on the Cook Islands website comes from mobile devices. And given the need to geographically lock much of the special offers content, it only made sense to make use of Drupal's extremely flexible framework. Rebuilding the site as mobile-first, then adding in specialized caching mechanisms to allow for the blazing fast load times, regardless of geographic location, Great Matter built an amazing website that puts the beauty of the Cook Islands on display.

So flexible, you'd think we were gymnasts.

When COVID-19 struck the world, the Cook Islands government was quick to shutdown its borders and ensure none of their citizens got sick. But they needed a way to quickly communicate the rapidly changing rules and regulations. Great Matter quickly pivoted our resources to help, and had a brand-new website with tons of information ready within a day.

The Cook Islands Travel
The Cook Islands Travel


See for yourself; the Cook Islands website is a stunning example of what technology and power can give to you.

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